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How We Can Help


WorldWide Can Help You To Succeed Globally

Now more than ever before, business operates on a global platform. An organization's success is dependent upon its ability to conduct business effectively across diverse cultures, time zones and borders.  Each country has its own set of social protocols, etiquette styles and business practices, so it’s imperative that organizations and workforces are prepared to conduct business seamlessly and effectively throughout the world.

Without proper training and preparation, business leaders and employees working in a new country can make embarrassing faux pas and detrimental mistakes. In today’s competitive global marketplace, cultural mistakes can lead to lost business opportunities, irreversible relationship damage, lost revenue, and an overall lack of success.

We Can Help You If You're:

  • Preparing for an international assignment
  • Exploring new business opportunities overseas
  • Conducting business negotiations in another country
  • Traveling abroad to launch a new product
  • Establishing a call center overseas
  • Outsourcing manufacturing operations
  • Setting up a new international joint venture

WorldWide Connect’s training, coaching, and consulting solutions are designed to help you to reach your business and financial goals. WorldWide Connect delivers training and consulting solutions that increase culture competence, develop global mindsets, improve cultural fluency, and help global workforces to be more effective in conducting business globally.

We've Helped Thousands of Employees Worldwide To...

  • Increase revenue potential with international clients, customers and counterparts
  • Understand the cultural do’s and don’ts when living and working overseas
  • Prevent costly mistakes that arise from cross-cultural misunderstandings
  • Have confidence when selling, negotiating and working with clients in the global marketplace
  • Develop a global mindset and improve cultural fluency
  • Feel more comfortable and confident
  • Be more productive, effective and efficient while on assignment
  • To reduce culture shock for expatriates
  • Develop better relationships and communication in the workplace
  • Reduce conflict resulting from cultural mistakes/misunderstandings
  • Minimize stress and anxiety when moving oversea

Our Key Services Include:

  • Global Leadership and Workforce Development   
  • Intercultural Business Training
  • Global Business Training     
  • Expatriate Candidate Assessment, Training and Support
  • Coaching
  • Seminars and Speeches

We Develop Global Workforces - Both Locally and Globally

In our competitive global marketplace, every organization needs to consider the employees and/or business units that are working, selling, managing, expanding, leading, manufacturing, marketing, communicating or recruiting across cultures.  A few examples of specific business units and functions where we can deliver customized programs for your workforce, both locally and globally, include:

  • Global Business Travelers and Short-Term Assignees

To help prepare your executives to ‘hit the ground running’ and achieve their business objectives we recommend: Country-specific Briefings, Cross-Cultural Communication Seminars, Global Business Training and Coaching, Global Awareness Seminars, International Business Etiquette and Protocol    

  • Multi-Cultural and Virtual Teams

To provide practice skills for improving communication in individual settings, within teams and across distances, we recommend: Distance Communication Programs, Multi-Cultural/Virtual Teambuilding, Intercultural Communication Seminars    

  • Global Sales and Marketing Teams

To get off to a good start in a new business environment, understand market differences, and to sell and market your services and products effectively across cultures, we recommend: Strategic Selling Across Borders Programs, International Negotiation Across Cultures Seminars, Global Business Training and Coaching, Country-Specific Business Programs 

  • Global Offices and Operations

To expand your global operations successfully, collaborate effectively with overseas counterparts, and accomplish your global business objectives, we recommend: Global Business Training and Coaching, Cultural Programs for Local Employees (e.g. Working Effectively With Your U.S, Colleagues), Cross-Cultural Awareness, Managing Effectively Across Borders

  • Global Leaders and Managers

To effectively lead, motivate and execute business strategies around the globe, we recommend: Global Leadership Development Programs, Executive Coaching, Managing a Multi-Cultural Workforce, Leading Across Cultures, Cross-Cultural Communication Workshops, Multi-Cultural Team Building, International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Global Leadership Assessments

  • Overseas Business Expansion/M&A/JVs

To provide the global business skills and knowledge for employees involved in the expansion of global operations, we recommend: Global Business Training and Coaching, Country-Specific Programs, Effective Negotiating Skills, Cross-Cultural Communication and Awareness Seminars, Executive Global Business Coaching

For a complete list of services and more information about our programs, including pricing, please contact us.

Examples of How We've Helped Other Companies

  • Coached an US Executive team on how to work more effectively with the Chinese
  • Conducted international etiquette training for a company hosting clients from India
  • Worked with a short-term assignee working on a project with their JV in Malaysia
  • Trained an expatriate and their family moving to Santiago, Chile
  • Conducted a Global Business Briefing for a sales executive going to Japan
  • Helped a company with the cross-cultural aspects of exporting to Brazil
  • Trained a Global HR team for Fortune 500 company
  • Provided training to hundreds of employees on cross-cultural awareness

Without Cross-Cultural Training: The Costs

''Japanese and American management is 95 percent the same and differs in all important respects.'' Takeo Fujisawa, co-founder of the Honda Motor Company

  • More than 100,000 U.S. expatriates go on overseas assignments each year, but with failure rates ranging from 30-50% there is a very high cost.
  • According to a study by Johnson in the Journal of International Business Studies, quantifiable costs are around $250,000 to $1,000,000 for each failed assignment, but additional costs include, “lost opportunities, reduced productivity, and damaged relationships that, in the long run, could cost the company much more.”
  • A 2012 Ernst & Young survey of more than 500 companies showed that at least 11% of expatriates left their company/organization within two years of returning to the U.S., which means a serious problem for talent retention. 
  • Early repatriation isn’t the only threat — ineffective employees may stay in their position and cause even more damage to their company’s reputation and mission over time.

With Cross-Cultural Training: The Benefits

''Any communication or marketing professional needs cross-cultural research and communication skills to be able to succeed in the future.'' Marye Tharp, senior lecturer and author of Marketing and Consumer Identity in Multicultural America

  • Cross-cultural training can help companies develop leaders who are able to manage and effectively work in a global market, which in turn offers firms a competitive edge.
  • Other benefits of cultural competence from cross-cultural training include higher levels of innovation, productivity, sales, and the ability to understand diverse insights and perspectives.
  • Retaining the talent of a returned expatriate, who has been properly trained and proven effective in their assignment, is an incredibly valuable asset for any multinational company or corporation. Cross-cultural training can help lower chances of returned expatriates retiring due to feelings of distress over a failed assignment.
  • A University of Memphis study by Brown and Martindale found that in the U.S., HR managers agree that, “cross-cultural adaptability is the most important factor for expatriates — even more important than technical and managerial skills.” Preparing assignees through the implementation of high-quality cross-cultural programs can significantly lower the rate of expatriate failure.
  • Expatriates need to have cultural competence in the workplace, daily life and social interactions in order to have a chance at success — cross-cultural training gives them the tools they need to navigate the often overwhelming landscape of their new home.
  • In the University of Memphis study they also found that cross-cultural training can help develop an expatriate’s ability to, “adapt across cultures by being able to interpret and react to different cues and nuances, and function effectively.” This ability is often called ‘cultural intelligence’ and can be learned and developed.
  • So many assignments fail because of a) the employee’s inability to understand or effectively interact with the local culture and b) the family’s inability to adjust to their new home. Both of these issues can be overcome with the correct preparation of both the expatriate and their family through cross-cultural training.
  • Through high quality cross-cultural training, expatriates and their families can learn: tools to deal with culture shock, how to balance local versus headquarters expectations, cultural nuances and pitfalls of the host country, how to create effective and meaningful relations, and how to navigate the day-to-day tasks that can often be a challenge in a new country — to name a few.

What’s the Price of Ignoring Cultural Differences?

  • Lost sales
  • Failed negotiations
  • Broken partnerships
  • Embarrassing mistakes
  • Poor customer relations
  • Damaged corporate reputations
  • Damaged national reputations
  • Unsuccessful marketing campaigns
  • Failed overseas assignments and premature return home

The WorldWide Connect Difference

  • 100% satisfaction rating on all programs delivered YTD for all of our clients worldwide.
  • All programs customized with a 4-step needs assessment process.
  • Offer complimentary additional support, training and coaching sessions after program.
  • Provide flexible training formats/agendas – both pre-departure and post-arrival - for busy expatriates to better meet their needs and schedules
  • Dedicated to helping expatriates and their families get connected in the community/culture — beyond the program.
  • Have a sister company, Global Gals, which focuses on developing women’s global leadership and business skills as well as addressing the specific challenges that women encounter working globally.
  • We are committed to developing your global workforce – from Des Moines to Dubai!




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