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Best-Selling Book - Performance 360!

Performance 360: Success—featuring Brenda McGuire, Sir Richard Branson, and More!

Founder and CEO of WorldWide Connect, Brenda R. McGuire, was most recently published in her third, best-selling collaborative book: Professional Performance 360: Success. Published September 2016, this book includes chapters by Brenda, Sir Richard Branson, and many other successful and inspiring entrepreneurs.

In her chapter, "Small World, Big Success," Brenda shares her personal journey to success, the steps she took to get to where she is today, and advice for others who want to pursue their passion and their calling. You can receive an eCopy of her chapter for FREE today, just fill out the form below and you'll receive your copy in your inbox!

Chapter Excerpts:

Performance: Brenda, you have traveled the world, experiencing more than 70 countries, and living and working on four continents. You led a global workforce development division of a Fortune 100 company and started two international companies to help people live, work and travel more effectively in diverse cultures. How does all of that come together to shape your view of today’s global business environment?

Brenda: Connected. Competitive. Cross-cultural. These are three things that come to mind, whether you’re living, working or traveling in this small world. From a business perspective, while organizations have the world at their doorstep and unprecedented international opportunities, it’s certainly not without challenges and obstacles. If today’s leader is not competent or effective at working across cultures, they will not achieve global success.

As an example, in a recent University of North Carolina Leadership Survey of 300 global human resource professionals, 94% said developing globally competitive leaders was important to their organizations’ success, and nearly two-thirds said it was an urgent need. What competencies did they find most important? Multicultural sensitivity and awareness, strategic thinking, the ability to communicate effectively, and ethics and integrity.

Performance: You and your team have developed thousands of global professionals in more than 50 countries. That provides a tremendous window into real-life cross-cultural experiences and challenges. What lessons can we learn from your insight?

Brenda: One of the most important lessons I’ve learned—the hard way—is that it isn’t easy working across cultures...I founded WorldWide Connect® to help people around the world bridge cultural gaps, increase cultural competence, and reach their global business goals. We provide individuals and organizations with the necessary cross-cultural skills and knowledge needed to close more deals, do more business, attract and retain clients, and open new markets in this complex global marketplace.

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