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Global Business Effectiveness Programs

Global Business Success in a Cross-Cultural World

WorldWide Connect provides companies with the cross-cultural business expertise to:

  • Increase revenue potential with international clients, customers and counterparts
  • Prevent costly mistakes that arise from cross-cultural misunderstandings
  • Understand the cultural do’s and don’ts and avoid faux pas when living and working overseas
  • Have confidence when selling, negotiating and working with clients in the global marketplace

We recognize that each organization has its own particular needs, objectives and business goals, and we customize programs specific to your situation.  With our extensive global network, we deliver cultural training to help you achieve your business and financial goals. Examples include:

Expatriate Training and Support (for International Assignees)

  • Pre-Departure Training – for employees and families moving overseas
  • Living and Working in a New Country (China) Programs
  • On-Site Coaching – for employees living and working overseas

Global Business Briefings and Coaching

  • ‘Just in Time’ Business Coaching – for international business travelers
  • International Business Etiquette and Protocol
  • Global Business Briefings (e.g. India, China, Brazil)
  • Working Effectively with Your International Clients, Colleagues and Customers 
  • Effective Selling and Negotiating in the Global Marketplace

Global Leadership Development and Coaching

  • Global Leadership Training
  • Executive Global Leadership Retreats
  • Executive Leadership Coaching

Cultural Diversity and Global Workforce Development

  • Cultural/Global Diversity in the Workplace
  • Working Effectively in a Cross-Cultural Environment
  • Customized Global Talent/Workforce Development Programs

Multi-Cultural and Virtual Teams

  • Distance Communication Programs    
  • Multi-Cultural/Virtual Teambuilding 
  • Managing Virtual Teams

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