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Programs and Services

Our Training Programs

With our extensive global network of international professionals, WorldWide Connect provides invaluable resources to businesses and individuals looking to expand their global reach. Whether you want to develop your international workforce or need to get settled overseas, we have leaders in key locations around the globe dedicated to making those transitions happen.

WorldWide Connect provides customized, high-quality cross-cultural training and coaching that prepares individuals and organizations to effectively and efficiently navigate diverse cultural business environments for global success.

Understanding how to work effectively across cultures, time zones, borders and linguistic barriers is critical to reaching your global business objectives. WorldWide Connect’s programs are designed to provide business executives, international assignees and local employees with the vital information needed to navigate effectively in the ever-changing global marketplace.

WorldWide Connect can prepare your global workforce to:

  • Meet business and financial objectives in a foreign culture or with an international partner
  • Feel more comfortable and confident
  • Avoid costly cultural mistakes and faux pas
  • Be more productive, effective and efficient while on assignment
  • Increase probability of reaching financial and business objectives in new culture
  • Be prepared to successfully live and work overseas
  • Develop relationships and communicate effectively in the workplace
  • Reduce conflict resulting from cultural mistakes/misunderstandings

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Developing World-Class Workforces

Bring your company to the forefront of international business, and let WorldWide Connect help you reach your goals. Working on a global scale is never easy, but with our resources we take the guesswork out of doing business around the world.

WorldWide Connect’s resources are designed to help your organization and employees compete globally. In addition, we offer customized programs tailored to your specific needs. With a vast network of international professionals ready to serve you, WorldWide Connect can help!

Worldwide Connect offers a host of customized cross-cultural training seminars, workshops, and training programs.  An example of some of our program offerings include:

Global Business Effectiveness

  • Doing Business In … (eg: China, India, USA)
  • Country Specific Briefings (for Short-Term Assignees/Global Business Travelers)
  • Global Awareness Seminars
  • Passport to Global Business Success
  • Managing and Motivating a Global Team
  • Working Effectively Across Borders
  • International Business Negotiations

Global Leadership & Workforce Development

  • Global Leadership Development Programs  
  • Global Leadership Retreats
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Leading in the Global Marketplace
  • Global Workforce Development Consulting

Cross-Cultural Training & Coaching 

  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Multi-Cultural Team Building
  • Communicating Effectively in a Virtual World
  • Cross-Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
  • Working and Managing Across Cultures

Expatriate Training and Support

  • Pre-departure/Post-arrival Cultural Training for Assignee and Family
  • Repatriation Training
  • Expatriate Candidate Assessment Services
  • Spousal Support and Counseling


Worldwide Connect offers a variety of coaching programs delivered by highly experienced and certified coaches worldwide. Examples of face-to-face or telephone coaching sessions include:   

  • Executive Business Coaching
  • Global Business Coaching
  • Cross-Cultural Management Coaching
  • Life/Personal Development Coaching
  • Expatriate Coaching
  • Career/Professional Development Coaching


Examples of topics may include:

  • Living and Working Around the World
  • Global Leadership Competencies for Cross-cultural Sustainability
  • Riding the Waves of Change
  • Competing for Talent on a Global Scale
  • Passport to Global Business Success

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