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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are common questions that we receive. If you don't find the answer you are looking, please contact us at!

How Can We Help Your Company?
Where Do We Provide Training and Coaching?
When Can We Help?
What Types of Training and Coaching Do We Provide?
What Differentiates Us From Our Competitors?
Do We Offer Our Programs in Different Languages?

How Can We Help Your Company?

WorldWide Connect provides training for companies of all sizes, including global Fortune 500 companies and smaller companies with an international presence. WorldWide Connect can help any company or employee who is interacting with diverse cultures. Whether you are living, working, or traveling across cultures and countries, WorldWide Connect can provide intercultural training and consulting solutions to help you and your organization to navigate more effectively in today’s global economy.

Client training is diverse and is customized based on the needs of the organization or employee. Some examples of training situations include:

  • Exploring new business opportunities in Asia or Europe
  • Conducting business negotiations in Germany
  • Establishing a call center in India or the Philippines
  • Outsourcing manufacturing operations to China
  • Setting up a new joint venture in Brazil or Mexico
  • Exporting to a new international market

Our several key areas of focus include cross-cultural preparation, competency building and global talent development for:

  • HR, Training and Relocation Departments
  • Multi-Cultural/Virtual Teams
  • Expatriates and Their Families
  • Global Leaders
  • International Business Travelers
  • Off-shore/Outsourcing Initiatives
  • Mergers and Acquisitions/Joint Ventures
  • Non-Profit and Religious Organizations
  • Study Abroad Departments and Academic Institutions
  • Government Agencies

WorldWide Connect also teaches families how to manage cultural adjustments. When a spouse or children accompany a professional in a new country, we teach those individuals about how to assimilate into the culture with important behavior and life skills.

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Where Do We Provide Training and Coaching?

With more than 100 international business experts in more than 30 countries and on six continents, we deliver cultural training programs or briefings to help employees — locally and globally — navigate the cross-cultural business differences before, during and after their overseas assignment. Our customized programs can be conducted on-site or at another geographic location of your preference.

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When Can We Help?

At WorldWide Connect, we can help you by providing services whenever you need them. We will work hard to accommodate your busy schedule and can offer our programs pre-departure, post-arrival, or a combination of both. We provide flexible face-to-face training or tele-coaching as well to better accommodate your demanding schedule.

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What Types of Training and Coaching Do We Provide?

To increase employees’ effectiveness and competence when working overseas, or working across cultures, we offer a variety of programs, support and coaching including:

Expatriate Training and Support

For employees and their families who are moving abroad or representing companies overseas on a short- or long-term basis, we offer training programs to support various stages of the transition process:

  • Pre-Departure, Post-Arrival and Repatriation Training
  • Programs for Living and Working in a New Country (customized for specific countries)
  • Business Coaching for employees working in host culture
  • Youth and Teen Training

Global Business Briefings and Coaching

For international business travelers, we provide the appropriate cross-cultural skills and knowledge to meet an organization’s business goals, develop relationships more quickly, and avoid costly cultural mistakes

  • ‘Just in Time’ Global Business Coaching
  • International Business Etiquette and Protocol
  • Global Business Briefings
  • Working Effectively in a Multi-cultural or Virtual Team
  • Effective Selling and Negotiating

All of our programs can be customized to fit the country your business will be working in or with. For more information about how we can help your international business and employees be more successful when working with clients, colleagues and customers around the world, please see our Programs & Services page or contact us at

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What Differentiates Us From Our Competitors?

Our Cross-Cultural Consultants/Trainers

One of our key differentiators is the quality and caliber of our cross-cultural consultants around the world. Not only are they highly experienced in the field of intercultural training, they also have firsthand experience living and working around the world.  Many of them speak multiple languages and can often conduct the programs in the local language of the delivery location. We work with only the ‘best of the best’ in the industry. 

We’re Local and Global

We can offer cross-cultural training onsite at many of your locations worldwide. You have access to cross-cultural specialists who can be on-site for any meetings, training programs or needs assessments.  In addition, with WorldWide Connect’s local presence and resources, we can save you time and money.

Flexibility and Accessibility

Unlike some of the big firms, we can be very accommodating with our clients’ program development, special requests and needs – even at the last minute! WorldWide Connect prides itself on flexibility in working with our clients’ requirements.  For example, if you have an employee who has a last-minute business trip to Japan and requests a cultural business briefing, we often can bring a consultant on-site within a very tight time-frame.


Compared to other providers, we do not offer “cookie cutter” programs. Instead, we develop, design and deliver customized programs based on the participants’ needs, situation, issues and business objectives. We conduct a three-step needs assessment process to tailor all of our program content.

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Do We Offer Our Programs in Different Languages?

Yes! WorldWide Connect offers training programs in multiple languages.  In most cases, our trainers worldwide can offer the training in the local language, if requested.  For example, our trainer in Argentina could deliver the program in Spanish, while our trainer in China can deliver the program in Chinese.

When choosing a consultant for a program, not only do we consider their experience/background for the culture but also the preferred language of delivery for the program.  As an example, we had a request for a program in Logan, Utah, for a couple from Brazil.  We provided a Portuguese-speaking consultant to deliver the program, which was greatly appreciated by the participants.

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